Bright Brewery Shines Bright with New Solar Array at Fred’s Shed

At Bright Brewery, we’re committed to brewing delicious craft beer while also brewing a brighter future for our planet. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the commissioning of a massive 171kW solar array system at our Fred’s Shed brewing facility. This new addition, boasting a staggering 381 solar panels, joins our existing 50kW system at the Great Alpine Road venue, bringing our total solar capacity to 221kW. 

This significant investment in renewable energy marks a major milestone in our commitment to sustainable brewing practices. During an average sunny month, these two solar array systems combine to generate an average of 800kWh of clean energy per day, meaning 60% of Fred’s Shed’s daily energy needs are supplied from clean renewable energy. This not only reduces our reliance on traditional energy sources but also helps us significantly reduce our carbon footprint. 

And what about the excess solar energy that Fred’s doesn’t consume? Thanks to a cutting-edge Virtual Energy Network (VEN), any unused solar power generated at Fred’s Shed is sent to our Brewery Door venue, further reducing our reliance on the grid. In fact, last month, our Brewery Door consumed 37% of Fred’s excess solar energy, with the remaining 63% feeding back into the grid. 

We’re proud to be shining a light on renewable energy within the brewing industry, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for Bright Brewery as we continue to brew a brighter future, one sip at a time. 

Cash in on your cans!

Did you know that Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) kicked off on November 1st? That means you can now get 10c per beer can back for every can you recycle (at designated collection points)!

But apart from helping you fill your money box, why does this matter? Well, the CDS aims to boost recycling rates, reduce our reliance on natural resources, and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Making a beer can from recycled aluminium requires 95% less energy than using virgin aluminium. The scheme applies to other containers too – like PET bottles and some glass bottles.

Other states around Australia that have implemented the CDS have seen recycling rates soar, diverting valuable materials from landfill and easing the burden on our planet’s precious resources.

Brewers like us, who put our beer in cans for you to enjoy, are funding the scheme. This ensures it remains viable, and covers the costs of collecting, sorting, and processing the cans.

As a result, you might have noticed a slight increase in the price of cans, PET bottles, and glass bottles. This is due to the costs associated with the CDS, which are ultimately borne by the manufacturers.

You can still recycle your cans through your regular yellow bins at home or commingled bins at work or in public spaces. However, the CDS offers an additional opportunity to earn a little extra cash or support a local sports club or charity so they can benefit.

There are collection points all over the state, including small towns like ours.

If you’re in Bright/surrounds, you can take your stash of cans to the following collection points:

  • Crispy’s Hardware, Bright
  • Settler’s Tavern, Tawonga South
  • Myrtleford Cycle Centre, Myrtleford

So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting those cans and bottles today and make a difference for Victoria’s environment!

Bright launches Australia’s first beer can handle recycling scheme

In what is believed to be a first in Australia’s craft beer industry, Bright Brewery has rolled out a national recycling scheme for Paktech beer can handles in bottleshops across the country.

Bright Brewery-branded Paktech recycling bins are being installed in independent bottleshops and supermarkets from this week.

Beer lovers can drop any plastic Paktech beer can handles into the bins – whether they’re from Bright beers or any other brewery – to ensure they’re recycled correctly.

Bright Brewery National Sales Manager Evin Craney said the recycling scheme was an important part of Bright’s Sustainability Program.

“We believe this is the first recycling scheme of this kind in Australia,” Craney said. “We pride ourselves on acting sustainably in every aspect of our business, and this seemed like an obvious way to do that on a much bigger scale.

“We will collect all the handles, and make sure they are all are reused or properly recycled, as part of our ongoing quest to lessen the environmental impact of craft beer.”

Paktechs are made from 100% recycled milk containers and are also 100% recyclable – a fact that Bright’s Marketing Manager Laura Gray said was lost on many beer drinkers.

“Most people don’t realise that they are actually made of recycled materials, and they are completely and infinitely recyclable,” she said. “They are also really sturdy and re-usable, which makes them even more sustainable.”

Craney said the idea for the recycling scheme, like all great ideas, was concocted over a few cold beers, in order to solve a problem all beer-drinkers face.


“We have always recycled and reused our own Paktechs in-house. But we know that, anecdotally, many beer drinkers don’t even know they are recyclable and are just throwing them out.”

The first bin was installed at Carwyn Cellars in Thornbury earlier this week and general manager Ben Duval said he was thrilled to be involved.

“As soon as Bright came to me with the idea, I knew it was gold,” he said. “Beer drinkers never know what to do with the handles, and they just end up getting chucked out.

Bright has solved a massive problem for us and for our customers, and I can’t believe no brewery has thought to do this before now!”

The bins are currently rolling out to Bright’s independent retail customers across Victoria, with other states to follow shortly.

Craney said Bright was hoping to implement the same program within the major national “big box” retailers to increase the awareness around sustainable practices in the craft beer industry and implement the program on a larger scale.

“We are hoping that the success of these in independent retailers helps translate over to the major chains as we continually develop new ways to lessen our carbon footprint,” Craney said.

Bright Brewery Paktech/Beer Can Handle Recycling Bins are available to beer retailers across Australia.

To register your interest, secure your bin and help Bright help the planet, please email Evin Craney on

Sustainable Living Festival

Bright Brewery is teaming up with our good beer friends from The Good Beer Company to pour sustainable beer at this year’s National Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, Friday 10th to Sunday 12th February at Federation Square.

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