Our Collaborations

Together we make a difference

Partnering and collaborating with other businesses, organisations, and non-profits who share our goals and values is a huge part of Bright Brewery’s identity.

As we learn and share our experiences with each other, we believe we grow together, and help each other work towards our goals to make the planet a better place.

Read on below about our ongoing major collaborations with Protect Our Winters Australia, RSPCA Victoria, Hop Products Australia, and our Local Community.

Protect Our Winters Australia

Our collaboration with POW Australia

POW Pale Ale is a collaboration between Bright Brewery and Protect Our Winters (POW) Australia.

Born in the Victorian mountains in 2021, the partnership between Bright Brewery and POW Australia goes to the heart of each organisation’s mission to help protect Australia’s unique Alpine environment.

Part-proceeds from every POW Pale Ale sold go directly to POW Australia to help their mission, and to encourage positive action against climate change.

Read more about our POW Pale Ale, in support of Protect Our Winters Australia, here.

RSPCA Victoria

Our collaboration with RSPCA Victoria

Bright Brewery’s DoggoBrau Tropical XPA is a barking good beer for a pawsome cause.

We chose to partner with RSPCA Victoria due to their commitment and longevity in the animal protection space, and we are very proud to be an RSPCA Business Supporter.

Part-proceeds from every DoggoBrau (can, case or keg) sold goes directly to RSPCA Victoria to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need.

Read more about our Doggobrau Tropical XPA, in support of RSPCA Victoria, here.

Pink Boots Australia

Our collaboration with Pink Boots Australia

Pink Boots Australia is an organisation that works to support women in the brewing and fermentation industry in Australia. Part-proceeds from our annual International Women’s Day Beer, named for our late founder Fiona ‘Fred’ Reddaway, supports a Digital Marketing scholarship for a Pink Boots member every year.

Read more about our Fred’s IWD Beer, in support of Pink Boots Australia, here.

Hop Products Australia

Our collaborations with Hop Products Australia

As the closest brewery to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest hop farm – HPA’s Rostrevor Hop Garden in Eurobin – we share a special relationship in this special part of the world.

Hops are an integral ingredient and being able to use the world’s freshest and best locally-sourced hops from just down the road is what gives our beer a unique High Country flavour.

We value our close relationship with HPA, and are proud to collaborate on several beers a year, including our annual fresh Hop Harvest and High Country Brewery Trail brews.

Read more about our latest HPA collab – our 2023 fresh hop beer ‘Cold and Wet Cold IPA’ – here.

High Country Brewery Trail

Our collaborations with the High Country Brewery Trail

Extending from the river to the mountains, Victoria’s High Country Brewery Trail weaves a scenic path to some truly lip-smacking hand-crafted beers. We are proud to be founding members of the HCBT and now one of nine breweries in the North East along the famous Brewery Trail.

Every year, the brewers of Victoria’s High Country Brewery Trail gather at one of the breweries to work side-by-side and pool their knowledge and experience into one collaborative brew.

Read more about the High Country Brewery Trail collaboration here.

Our Local Producers

Our collaborations with our local producers

We are incredibly lucky to share our beautiful hometown with some incredible, high-quality local producers, and we relish every opportunity to collaborate together on products that represent the very best of Bright.

Our annual Affogato Stout is a collaboration with our local coffee roastery, Sixpence Coffee.

We also brew a beer in collaboration with our friends at Yackandandah’s Backwoods Distilling Co, using the grain from their whisky distillation to make a beautiful, malty beer – Beersky.

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