Our Ambassadors

Lucy Clark & Sam McMahon

Here at Bright Brewery we’re thrilled to have a duo of gutsy, adventurous Bright women representing us as Brand Ambassadors.

Check out the videos below to see what these women are capable of!

World Record Holding Trail Runner – Fastest Known Time, Te Araroa, NZ, 2020.

3000km. 66 days. 1 woman

In early 2020, Bright Brewery ambassador Lucy Clark become the fastest woman of all time (and only the third woman ever!) to run the length of New Zealand on the Te Araroa trail, covering 3000km in just 66 days!

Running on roads, scrambling up mountains, wading through creeks, kayaking down rivers, fighting through dense forest, sinking into endless stretches of sand, and stumbling across grassy, tussock plains – Lucy ran the equivalent elevation of Mt Everest 9 times over!

“What’s the best way to finish a big run? With a Bright Brewery beer, which is why I’m stoked to become an Ambassador for them!” Lucy said. “Plus they support a bunch of great local events and initiatives, like Trails and Ales Bright. My favourite beer is the Alpine Extra Pale Lager (check out the little runners on the can) and their pizzas rock!”

Bright Brewery is thrilled to call Lucy an Ambassador – as a local woman who loves Bright, lives for the mountains, works hard, inspires others, and lives an active, adventurous lifestyle, she’s the perfect fit for us!

Samantha McMahon


Mt Everest mountaineer
We are incredibly proud to welcome the inspirational, energetic, and all-round legend Samantha Mcmahon as Bright Brewery’s first ever Ambassador.

Sam, or Sammy 9.5 as she’s known (due to a frostbite incident on Mt Everest), is a Bright local, a beloved member of our staff as an Apprentice Chef in our kitchen team, an accomplished mountaineer with an Everest summit under her belt and her sights set on K2, and a keen MTBer, trail runner, and paraglider!

Sam personifies exactly what we value here at the Brewery – living our lives in Active, Sustainable and Authentic ways. She is the perfect ambassador for our brand and we can’t wait to see what heights she hits next!

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