Our Values

Active. Sustainable. Authentic.

We do more than just brew great beer!

At Bright Brewery, we are driven by our core values to be authenticsustainable and active while making beer great. These values are the foundations and soul of our business.

Bright Brewery is an independent craft brewery that cares about crafting genuine products from natural ingredients; playing our part to protect the beautiful environment that surrounds us; and encouraging active lifestyles that connect you with the outdoors; all celebrated with the enjoyment of great beers.

We also strive to ensure all our business operations and relationships are authentic, sustainable and active, underpinning the long term future and success of Bright Brewery and our team.

Our values underpin all our planning, decisions and actions.

How are we AUTHENTIC?

We do what we say we’re going to do.

We use natural ingredients to create genuine products.

We communicate and present our business and services truthfully.


We’re passionate about the beautiful alpine environment that surrounds us and seek to minimise our impact on it.

We seek to deliver benefits to our local economy, providing a viable long-term future for our community, staff and customers.

Our business is managed to ensure financial, cultural and environmental sustainability.

How are we ACTIVE?

We are active in our local community.

We embrace the outdoors and encourage active lives.

We are actively managing our business for growth and success.

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Bright Brewery Values | authentic, sustainable and active
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