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GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll – Get your votes in before Jan 14!

Remember that crisp, refreshing Alpine Lager you crave on a scorching summer day? The one that perfectly pairs with sizzling sausages on the barbie and sends the kids into dizzying Hill’s Hoist spins?

Yeah, that one! Our beloved Alpine Lager, year after year, has been voted Victoria’s #1 favourite indie lager (and #2 in all of Australia!), proving that sometimes, classic simplicity reigns supreme.

The GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll is open now, and pale ales are threatening to flood the countdown again. Enough is enough! Let’s raise our icy Alpine Lagers and say: #notanotherpaleale!

Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

Vote #1 Alpine Lager! Show your love for this clean, crisp lager brewed with pure Alpine water and locally-grown hops. It’s a damn good beer, and it deserves the top spot!
Spread the word! Share this post with your fellow Aussie beer lovers and encourage them to vote for Alpine Lager.
Crack open an Alpine Lager! Celebrate the beauty of simplicity, the refreshing taste of summer, and the power of a classic Aussie brew.

Remember, voting ends on January 14th. Don’t let this be another year of pale ale dominance! Stand up for the lager you love, the one that’s been there for backyard barbecues, scorching days, and good times with mates.

 Let’s throwback a lager this summer!



Throwback a lager this summer

Oat Cream NEIPA, Smoothie Sours, Salted Caramel Popcorn Ale…we’ve all heard of the weird and whacky beers that brewers come up with these days.

Hell, we’ll admit, we’ve even brewed some of them ourselves (Pineapple Cream Dream Milkshake IPA ring a bell?)!

But while many craft beer lovers think the wilder the better when it comes to beer, some of us just crave the simplicity of a clean, classic Aussie lager brewed with four perfect ingredients…

A beer built for the Aussie summer. The perfect pairing to sizzling sausages on a barbie. The best beer to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day. The one you crack, ice-cold from the Esky, while the kids spin themselves dizzy on the Hill’s Hoist behind you.

Some of us just want to throwback a lager this summer!

And year after year, the people of Australia have voted Bright Brewery’s Alpine Lager as their #1 favourite indie lager in Victoria (and #2 in Australia)!

Brewed with pure Alpine water and locally-grown Australian hops, Alpine Lager is as clean as mountain air, and as crisp as the summer sun rising over hills. Plus it’s also just a damn good beer.

That’s why it’s our best-seller. That’s why, in a sea of pale ales, craft beer lovers drink more Bright Brewery Alpine Lager than any other beer we brew (and we’ve got a pretty great pale ale, too!).

So, last year, when it came to voting in the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll, we asked you to stand up against the tidal wave of pale ales flooding the poll and vote #notanotherpaleale

A year ago, we said craft lagers were on the rise. Today, they’re having their heyday. Right now, in fact (Cerveza, anyone?). But we’ve been all over it for years.

So this Summer – instead of picking yet another pale ale out of the Esky, why not throwback a lager, and remember why it’s the world’s most popular beer!

And if you’re sick of seeing pale ales dominate the countdown, let’s do something about it.

Vote #1 Alpine Lager



Voting closes Sunday January 14, 2024 and the countdown will be on Saturday January 27, 2024.


Our Top 18 beers of the past 18 years

Today, June 12, Bright Brewery celebrates our 18th birthday! 18 short years since we opened the doors to our little tin shed in heart of Bright. 

Bright has changed a lot over that time – and so have we! Our family-run business now spans three sites in Bright, a commercial scale production facility, and more than 70 staff across three states.  

But one thing has remained constant – 18 years of brewing beautiful MountainCrafted beer right here in the High Country. 

We’ll be celebrating our 18th year with the release of a special birthday beer in a few weeks (dark beer lovers will get their hands on it first in the Carwyn Cellars Black Box). 

So as we look back on the past 18 years and raise a glass to our founder Scott, we remember some of our favourite beers from over the years.  

Our top 18 beers, according to Untappd –   

 #18: WET-HOPPED NEVIPA – 6.7% 

Celebrating the taste of North East Victoria! Wet hops picked fresh from Rostrevor farm formed the base of this hazy IPA brewed and wet-hopped in 2022. A mix of Australian hops were used for the dry hop, and a pinch of locally foraged botanicals, picked by our brewers, create a flavour unique to our hometown. 

 #17 WET-HOPPED M.I.A. IPA – 6.5% 

We refreshed the recipe of our core range IPA in 2023, adding fresh wet hops from Rostrevor Hop Farm in Eurobin to celebrate that year’s Hop Harvest. 


Introducing – the most heavily-hopped beer we’d ever brewed (in 2020)! 

We’ve joined the haze craze and ramped it up one step further by jamming this hazy New England IPA full of oats and lactose. 

Bru-1 dry hops add pineapple flavour bombs to this creamy, tropical NEIPA that’s definitely a little bit extra.  


With a pale golden hue, and a creamy body, C’Easter & Desist (which previously went by a previous, unmentionable name) was a white milk stout brewed for tipplers with a sweet tooth and a wicked sense of humour. Delicate tendrils of caramel blend with cacao nibs, vanilla and lactose to recreate the caramelised white chocolate flavour of the iconic Aussie confection.
 #14: Le Monstres Du Chateau #2 Rum & Banana Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – 11% 

Release #2 of our Le Monstres collab with Carwyn Cellars, released in early 2024, was a Rum and Banana Brandy blend designed to showcase sweeter notes with candied banana, burnt caramel and hints of coconut. An imperial stout so delicious it is sure to raise even the dead from their slumber.  

 #13: AFFOGATO STOUT – 5.5% 

A perennial favourite – this is a hearty & full bodied stout brewed with locally roasted coffee beans from our friends at Sixpence Coffee, Bright. The addition of creamy lactose & vanilla makes this Affogato Stout sweet, rich & roast, just like our favourite caffeinated dessert. First brewed in 2019, Affogato Stout remains a staple of our year round releases! 


When the Autumn leaves start to change, all roads lead to Bright! The 2022 version of Leaf Peeper was an Imperial Red IPA with a bigger, bolder, and redder taste than ever! It was bursting with red malt, caramel sweetness, and a huge burst of hops. 


Stubborn 2023 had a silky mouthfeel with moderate carbonation, strong hints of banana and fruit bowl open up into cherry and caramel as it warms up. There were heavy notes of molasses as it continues to warm. It’s about this point the heat from the rye we used in the brew becomes evident. The ABV was well hidden for something that sits at 16%; it is more reminiscent of something around the 12% range. 

 #10: JAM BAND VOL. 1 Hazy IPA – 7% 

With a recipe concocted by Bright, Molly Rose and Mr Banks, Jam Band Hazy IPA with Bergamot was the inaugural Darker Days collaboration from 2021.
A hazy, juicy IPA by an all-star line-up of the brewers that were scheduled to attend the postponed Darker Days 2021, and lead by a stellar line-up of hops. On lead vocals, Strata brings the tropical juice. Mosaic hops direct the backup dancers, while Idaho 7 lays down the beat on drums. Finally, a late addition of Bergamot citrus zest on jazz flute kicks things up a notch. Expect a luscious hazy IPA with juicy flavours and a hint of seductive perfume from fresh Bergamot 


Dripping with chocolate and bursting with vibrant orange, O’Jaffa Choc Orange Stout was an irresistibly delicious treat of a beer, released for St Patrick’s Day 2022.
The only thing better than easting a choc-orange ball, cake or biscuit? Drinking one!
O’Jaffa brings the iconic flavours of a chocolate-orange cake to life. 


Our GABS2024 Festival Beer – which is still embargoed for sale and has only been enjoyed at one GABS festival so far. Picture this: a moonlit camping trip, where chocolate rivers flow, vanilla bean vines hang low, and graham cracker bridges lead to a marshmallow wonderland. Suddenly, the elusive Yeti appears, armed with marshmallow magic to cast a creamy spell on your beer choices. Heartwarming but a little bit wild. And it smells a lot better. 

 #7: INVERSION NEIPA – 8.4% 

When the weather Gods collide, our mountain home experiences an inversion.
In a wicked twist of fate and science, all the frosty, snowy air is forced into the valley, under a blanket of foggy, hazy clouds – the inspiration for our Inversion HDHC Imperial Hazy IPA, released in 2021.
Hiding amongst the haze is a fusion of juicy flavours and huge hop flavour from the High Density Hop Charge combination of Citra Incognito, El Dorado pellets, Amarillo Cryo hops and Simcoe Cryo hops. 


Every year of Stubborn has its own story, and this year was no different. The ‘Stubborn Curse’ is alive and well! Whenever we brew this beer, something unusual, unexpected and unpredictable will happen – without fail. Over the years, our brewers have learnt to expect the unexpected with this brew.

2024 Vintage Brewer’s Tasting Notes: “A rich and decadent imperial stout with a complex interplay between caramel sweetness, earthy rye spice, and dominant chocolate notes. The smooth mouthfeel and warming finish make it perfect for sipping and savouring on a chilly night.” 


Could this be our biggest ever collab? A monstrous collab with our friends at Kaiju!
Fresh Hop Monster is our fresh hop beer for 2024, brewed with 100% HPA hops, right here in Bright, with a unique Kaiju! flavour.
Bursting with a monstrous blend of fresh-from-the-bine Galaxy, Eclipse, Vic Secret and Cascade Hops, we’ve unleashed the raw power of ferocious, freshly picked Aussie hops grown by HPA which will have you howling for more! 


Make mine a double! A hearty & full bodied Imperial Stout, brewed with a double batch of locally roasted coffee beans from our friends at Sixpence Coffee, Bright in 2021.
The addition of creamy lactose & vanilla makes this Imperial Double Shot Affogato Stout sweet, rich & roasty, just like our favourite caffeinated dessert! 


Dark, decadent and aged in Jamaican Rum Barrels, our Anniversary Pioneer Rum Barrel Aged Stubborn Russian Imperial Stout is luscious, smooth and strong.
Named in honour of our first ever beer – Pioneer Ale – our 15th Anniversary Pioneer Rum Barrel Aged Stubborn Russian Imperial Stout deserves to be cherished, savoured, and revered. 


INFINITE represents a cyclical collaboration, three years in the making, with our friends at Backwoods Distilling. Our Stubborn Imperial Stout became a barrel-aged whisky and those barrels were then filled to age another vintage of Stubborn Imperial Stout.
INFINITE 2019 seamlessly blends the woody, floral character of the Stubborn Whisky and the sweet, chocolate flavour of the oak barrel-aged Stubborn Imperial Stout.

Brewer’s Notes: In 2019 we distilled Stubborn Imperial Stout into whisky that aged in French Oak barrels for 2 years. Once the whisky was decanted we re-filled those barrels with 2019 Stubborn Imperial Stout we had saved and aged the beer for 1 year in the whiskey casks. 


Infinite Barrel Works – a project brought to life this year (2024) – was derived in the depths of the High Country with our good friends at Backwoods Distilling.

In 2019, we sent off a batch of our Stubborn Imperial Stout (then called Stubborn Russian) to Backwoods for distillation into a whisky. That whisky was then aged in these barrels, and both the whisky and the barrels were given to us when the whisky had matured.

We then aged another round of imperial stout and whisky in those barrels, and the cycle continued, creating a closed loop of barrels that are infinitely used. 

Brewing Change: Bright Brewery Launches POW Hazy Pale Ale

Bright Brewery is excited to announce the launch of their new POW Hazy Pale Ale, brewed in collaboration with Protect Our Winters Australia (POW). This refreshing and fruity beer not only offers a thirst-quenching taste experience but also supports a crucial cause: protecting our alpine environment and fighting climate change.

Funds from every POW Hazy Pale Ale sold will go directly to POW Australia, helping them advocate for policy solutions to address the climate crisis and its impact on our mountains.

Brewed in the heart of the Victorian High Country, this hazy pale ale boasts a cloudy appearance and bursts with juicy tropical fruit flavours. Despite its added depth, it remains light-bodied and refreshing, making it a perfect session beer.

Celebrate the launch!
Join Bright Brewery on Sunday, June 2nd, from 1-5pm for a special launch event. Enjoy a “Karma Keg” of the POW Hazy Pale Ale and decide what you pay for a pot – all proceeds will go directly to POW Australia. Click here for more info.

About the Collaboration:
Born in the Victorian mountains in 2021, the partnership between Bright Brewery and POW Australia reflects their shared commitment to protecting Australia’s unique alpine environment. This seasonal brew aims to raise awareness of POW’s vital work and encourage positive action against climate change. To learn more about the work that POW does, click here.

The POW Hazy Pale Ale is available online now and at selected stockists.
Join Bright Brewery and POW Australia in raising a glass to a delicious beer and a healthier planet!

Bright Brewery Brings Home 7 Medals at the Australian International Beer Awards

Bright Brewery celebrated a triumphant performance at the 2024 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA), the world’s largest beer competition, held in Melbourne on May 16. In a testament to their brewing excellence, Bright Brewery took home a medal for every single beer they entered.

Celebrating Classic Australian Styles

The judges recognised Bright Brewery’s commitment to classic Australian beers, awarding Silver medals to their Hellfire Amber Ale (American Style Red Best Amber/Dark Ale), Alpine Lager (Modern Lager – Best International Lager) and Bright Pale Ale (Australian Style Pale Ale). These wins highlight Bright Brewery’s dedication to crafting exceptional core range beers. Additionally, their core range brought home Bronze medals for the MIA IPA (West Coast Style IPA), and Any Day XPA (Reduced/Low Alcohol Ale).

Barrel-Aged Innovation Takes Bronze

Pushing the boundaries of flavour, Bright Brewery’s Stubborn Imperial Rye Stout 2024 secured a Bronze medal in the British Style Imperial Stout category.

Furthermore, their Infinite Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, the first release in their premium Barrel Works Project series, was also awarded a Bronze medal. This innovative brew signifies Bright Brewery’s commitment to exploring new frontiers in beer creation.

A Record-Breaking Competition

The Melbourne Royal AIBA program is a rigorous competition, attracting over 2500 entries from a record-breaking 400+ breweries across 23 countries this year. Judged by a panel of 84 international beer experts, these awards represent the pinnacle of brewing achievement.

Discover Award-Winning Beers from Bright Brewery

Explore Bright Brewery’s core and seasonal range of medal-winning beers here.

To become a Bright Brewery stockist, or to discuss our range, get in touch with our National Sales Manager Evin Craney

We’re hiring: Chef de Partie

What are we looking for?

Are you looking for a new challenge and are keen to join one of Australia’s longest running and most respected Independent Brewers?

Bright Brewery are on the hunt for a Chef de Partie to join the team in our vibrant Brewpub venue in the heart of Bright.

Who is Bright Brewery?

Bright Brewery has been established for almost 18 years in the heart of Victoria’s beautiful High Country. We are a 100% family owned independent brewery which values a “Authentic, Active and Sustainable” lifestyle and brand.

Our mission is to make the best of beer whilst living the best life possible. Our culture is our strength as we highlight the importance of healthy work life balance to ensure the best for our people.

Our Values

Authentic: We pride authenticity in our actions and people. All our decisions are made with an authentic approach, and we pride our business on being positive custodians to our beautiful home and community. We incentivise our team to be them true selves and relish in supporting all aspects of living their best lives.

Active: Bright Brewery is active not only in our wider community but also industry as a whole. Our team are encouraged to work with local support programs in the North East and afar as well as industry led groups as the IBA and Pink Boots Society. We also acknowledge the positive power of being active through both social engagement but physical movement for the health and wellbeing of our people.

Sustainable: Since our inception in 2006, Bright Brewery has always had an eye on our planet and not just the big but also the small things we can do every day to help maintain our beautiful environment for generations to come. We are highly engaged in sustainability measures within our brewing process but also seek to deliver benefits to our staff and wider community through sustainable business decision making

So, what is the role?

The person holding the role of Chef de Partie will lead by example and be competent in all areas of cooking and cleaning, maintaining a high level of Food Hygiene Standards & HACCP controls. They will take direct responsibility for the preparation and presentation of food consistent with food safety standards and Bright Brewery guidelines.

This role reports to the Head Chef and, in the absence of the Head Chef reports to the Sous Chef, whoever is rostered on shift. During a shift when the Head Chef and Sous Chef are not present, all kitchen staff report to the Venue Manager.

This role requires:

Flexibility with your position (i.e. help in other departments when required)

• Flexibility with your roster

• Providing a high level of customer service

• Punctuality with a well-groomed appearance at all times

• Dealing with customer questions and complaints where appropriate and in line with company policy

• Becoming familiar with Bright Brewery, its services & events and being able to advise guests accordingly

• Reporting all accidents and hazards in your work area and complete all paperwork as required

• Other duties as directed and an ability to work without direction or supervision.


The Chef will be expected to work weekends and public holidays (as per conditions set out in individual contract), and evenings as required.


You will be required to maintain a clean, neat & professional appearance at all times. It is your responsibility to supply your own uniform and knives.

The responsibilities

The key tasks that the Chef performs are:

Develop and bring to life Bright Brewery’s food service:

• Work with the Head Chef & Sous Chef to implement Bright Brewery’s food service guidelines

• Assist with the planning of exciting menus and specials in liaison with Head Chef & Sous Chef.

• Assist in coordinating preparation for any off-site catering functions with Head Chef & Sous Chef.

• Liaise with Head Chef on all matters relating to the business

• Clear communication with Head Chef and other managers and staff

• Ensure all communications between bar and kitchen run smoothly and with respect

Develop and implement Bright Brewery’s food safety program:

• Preparation and service of food-to-Food Hygiene Standards

• Ensure proper stock rotation in all food storage areas

• Maintain all work areas in accordance with Food Hygiene Standards

• Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for kitchens and storage areas

• Manage delivery and storage of goods (heavy lifting involved) within WorkSafe guidelines

Manage food service team:

• Ensure kitchen staff receive the right training and optimum guidance

• Assist in management of each staff member to maximize each person’s potential

• Kitchen supervision (assist staff in the role to learn):

• Managing stock intake

• Receiving goods

• Managing staff hours during breaks

Manage food service costs:

• Ensure that all dishes are prepared to the correct recipe and quantity

• Control and record all wastage and breakages

Bright Brewery Policies:

• Understanding of Bright Brewery policies and implementation of same


• All staff are responsible for fostering positive culture towards workplace, business and fellow employees

Who are you?

You will have/be:

• Passion and imagination for food

• Interest in local produce and beer matching

• Qualified Chef

• Food Safety Supervisor certificate

• Demonstrate excellent communication skills

• Ability to work well within a team

• Must have prior experience in a high-volume environment

• Ability to manage Food Service costs

• Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations relating to the hospitality industry • Proven leadership skills and lead by example

• Be able to identify problems and attend to them without supervision

• Mature attitude, honesty, loyalty and exceptional work ethic

• Proven ability to supervise and lead staff with respect and fairness

• Comply with all company policies and procedures.

The perks of the gig!

Beyond the expected bells and whistles; Bright Brewery also offers:

· Subsided memberships that encourage active lifestyles (gym/sport/yoga, etc)

· A Green Transport initiative

· Bright Brewery staff account

· Access to mental health services and support

· Encouragement and paid support to join local and industry related associations and groups

· A generous ‘Time Off In Lieu’ system for overtime and event work

· Continuous training and professional development

· Numerous team and business social events

· Of course, access to some of the best beers a person could drink!

To Apply

Please email a current CV and cover letter addressing the skills and experience required to the Venue Manager:

For more information or a confidential chat, please call the Venue Manager on 03 5755 1346

Celebrating the Dark Arts of Barrel Aging: Introducing INFINITE Barrel Works By Bright Brewery

Emerging from deep in the heart of the High Country comes an exciting new range of beers from one of the country’s pioneering craft breweries.

Infinite Barrel Works by Bright Brewery will celebrate the dark art of barrel aging, with only the most exclusive beers seeing the light of day.

Whilst Bright has released highly-acclaimed barrel-aged beers before, like it’s 16th anniversary Pioneer Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, a formal barrel-aging program has long been on founder Scott Brandon’s wishlist.

And now, under the watchful eye of Head Brewer Lewis Kerr, Infinite Barrel Works sees a curated selection of hand-picked barrels reserved only for Bright’s most premium beers.

“Barrel aging is something quite special that all brewers love to work with,” Kerr said. “There’s a bit of black magic to it, and you have to give up a bit of control of the beer that you’re working with to the elements and to nature and to the barrel.”

The first Infinite Barrel Works release will be a Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – but it wouldn’t do the beer, or the barrels, justice, to just stop the explanation there…

In fact, we have to go way back in time to that peaceful pre-COVID and pre-Russian War on Ukraine period of 2019 when we were blissfully unaware of how the world was about to change.

“This beer was derived in the depths of the High Country with our good friends at Backwoods Distilling,” Kerr said.
“In 2019, we sent off a batch of our Stubborn Imperial Stout (then called Stubborn Russian) to Backwoods for distillation into a whisky. That whisky was then aged in these barrels, and both the whisky and the barrels were given to us when the whisky had matured.

“We then aged another round of imperial stout and whisky in those barrels, and the cycle continued, creating a closed loop of barrels that are infinitely used.”

To be more specific, the beer in barrel is Bright’s 2023 Stubborn Imperial Stout – the notorious 16-percenter brewed by Kerr and his team in the Autumn of 2023. So what has a year in a whisky barrel done for it?

“It’s definitely still boozy, as you’d expect from a 16-percenter, and it’s picked up a lot of the whisky characteristics – a lot of deep plum, raisin and prune characteristics, and the heat has mellowed out,” Kerr said.

Due to its high ABV (16% and 5.6 std drinks per can), this beer is definitely designed to share with other beer lovers, not to consume solo.

“Practice responsible drinking and share it with some mates. Take it to can-share night, take it as a gift, open it with a couple of friends, sit down and take your time,” Kerr advises. “When you finish the beer, you will see it evolve and become a new beer when it’s warmed up to room temperature.”

So what can beer lovers expect from future Infinite releases? Kerr is excited but he isn’t giving away all his secrets. “We’ve got an incredible array of barrels, like Madeira, coconut rum, cognac, mead, banana brandy so there’s some exciting things on the cards,” he said. Infinite Barrel Works beers are expected to be scarce and extremely limited in quantity, due to the small-batch nature of the style.

They will be available exclusively online from Bright Brewery.

Bright fans will notice that Infinite beers look remarkably different to the rest of its very distinctive, colourful cans. “This beer is so special to us and so unique to Bright that we wanted the can art to reflect that,” Kerr said. The can artwork for Infinite Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout features a beautiful photo of Mount Buffalo, Vic, captured by local photographer Sam Walklate.

“I’m pretty lucky as I live just down the road from Mount Buffalo,” Walklate said. “And from where I live, I can see the conditions up on the mountain. On this day, I saw the cloud sort of dancing around the mountain and I decided to just drive up the road and grab a shot. I just stayed there for about 20 minutes while the clouds danced around the mountain and I came out with this image.”

Subsequent Infinite releases will feature equally beautiful High Country landscapes and photographers keen to see their work on an Infinite can are invited to lodge an Expression of Interest to have their art featured on future beers. There is more information on that process here.

Infinite Barrel Works Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout will be available by pre-sale to Bright Mash Club members from Wednesday May 1 and will go on sale to the general public on Friday May 3.

To join the Mash Club and get early access to the beer, head here. Or join Bright’s Brew Crew mailing list to be the first to know when Friday’s release goes live.

Bright announces Major Sponsorship of Canberra Brave Ice Hockey Team

It’s a brave new world for Bright Brewery, which is proud to announce its support of the Canberra Brave, two-time premiers of the Australian Ice Hockey League, as a Major Sponsor for season 2024.

As the Brave lace up their skates for another shot at glory, we are thrilled to be joining them on the ice.

With two premiership titles under their belts and a chilling 0-1 loss in the Grand Final in 2023, the Brave are poised to conquer the ice once again, fuelled by our support.

“We’re thrilled to break the ice and partner with the Canberra Brave in this, their 10th anniversary year,” said Bright’s national business development and brand manager Evin Craney. “We can’t wait to raise a glass to the Brave’s continued success and share our love for the game with Brave fans both on and off the ice.”

But this partnership is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thirsty Brave fans will be able to quench their thirst and celebrate their victories with Bright Brewery beers available at the ‘Brave Cave’ AKA the Phillip Ice Skating Centre in Canberra, throughout the season, as well as with a specialty, limited-edition Brave Lager at selected ACT craft beer venues.

The Delta Riggs: Headlining Darker Days at Bright Brewery

Fresh off collaborations with Dope Lemon, Gold Fang, and Dante Knows, and electrifying live performances with Hayley Mary and Dan Sultan, The Delta Riggs are set to headline Darker Days at Bright Brewery.

Over their stellar career, The Delta Riggs have solidified themselves as Australian indie-rock royalty. Their infectious energy and captivating sound have earned them a loyal following. Multiple singles have received heavy airplay on Triple J, and their album “Dipz Zebazios” received the coveted feature album treatment.

The band is no stranger to packed houses, having sold out their own headline tours. They’ve also shared the stage with legendary acts like Foo Fighters, Kasabian and the Eagles of Death Metal.

So get ready for an epic day of 10+ hours of live music as The Delta Riggs bring their high-octane live show to headline Darker Days on Saturday June 15.

What to Expect

  • Friday, June 14: The festivities kick off with guided brewery tours and tastings (tickets required) followed by a free welcome party featuring live music by Since We Kissed (6pm).
  • Saturday, June 15: Festival Day! Immerse yourself in a full day festival with over 10 hours of live music, headlined by The Delta Riggs and supported by Steph Strings, Nicky Bomba, Benny & The Big Wheels and Matt Sier.  Hot Dawg Eating Competition at 4.15pm (pre-registration required).
  • Sunday, June 16: Wind down after a weekend of revelry at the Recovery Session with live music starting at 12pm (free entry).

Early Bird tickets are on sale now at . Now’s the time to gather your friends, book your accommodation, and get ready to embrace the darkness at Darker Days!

Darker Days to set the night alight on June 15, 2024

Winter IS officially coming! The popular Darker Days festival is back at Bright Brewery this June with a full weekend of beery fun in store.

From June 14 to 16, Darker Days will transform Bright Brewery into a celebration of everything dark and decadent. Indulge in dark beers from some of Australia’s most innovative, exciting and highly skilled brewers (and a very special international guest brewer for 2024!), groove to live music across the weekend, and soak up the mid-winter festival atmosphere.

What to Expect

  • Friday, June 14: The festivities kick off with guided brewery tours and tastings (tickets required) followed by a free welcome party featuring live music.
  • Saturday, June 15: Festival Day! Immerse yourself in a full day festival with over 10 hours of live music (artist lineup to be announced April 18).
  • Sunday, June 16: Wind down after a weekend of revelry at the Recovery Session with live music starting at 12pm (free entry).

Plan Your Dark Adventure

Tickets go on sale on Friday, April 19 at . Now’s the time to gather your friends, book your accommodation, and get ready to embrace the darkness at Darker Days!

Hop into Easter Fun! What’s on at Bright Brewery

Looking for a place to refuel and catch up with friends and family after the day’s adventure in Bright and surrounds? We’ll be open every day from Good Friday to Easter Monday (and 7 days for the school holidays), serving up lunch, dinner, and everyone’s favourites – pizzas and fries – throughout the day.

Here’s a breakdown of our Easter hours and offerings:

Good Friday


Easter Saturday
11am: Easter Egg Scramble ( Details here.)

Easter Sunday
3-6pm: Sunday Session with The Bad Knees.

Easter Monday

Lunch: 12pm-2:30pm
Dinner: 5pm-8pm
Pizzas & Fries: 12pm-8:30pm (all day!)

Booking Update:
Our online reservations for lunch and dinner are already filled from Good Friday to Easter Monday, but we’ll have plenty of tables available for walk-in customers throughout the day and evening. So come on down, see our host, and we’ll do our best to find you a seat.

Check availability / making a booking here.

Check out our menu here.

Bright Twilight Markets – Thursday April 4 and Thursday April 11, 3-7pm

Following the fantastic turnout in January, our popular Bright Twilight Markets will return for the Easter school holidays, on Thursday April 4 and Thursday  April 11.

Enjoy a delightful autumn evening under the stars, browsing unique wares from local artisans and savouring delicious treats from a variety of food vendors. Whether you’re seeking handcrafted gifts, fresh produce, or simply a vibrant atmosphere, the Bright Twilight Markets will have something for everyone.

Stay tuned for further details on the exciting line-up of market stallholders coming soon.

Hoppy Easter!

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