From the heart of the High Country

MountainCrafted beer from beautiful Bright, North East Victoria


Cash in on your cans!

Did you know that Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) kicked off on November 1st? That means you can now get 10c per beer can back for every can you recycle (at designated collection points)! But apart from helping you fill your money box, why does this matter? Well, the CDS aims to boost recycling rates, reduce […]

Throwback a lager this summer

Oat Cream NEIPA, Smoothie Sours, Salted Caramel Popcorn Ale…we’ve all heard of the weird and whacky beers that brewers come up with these days. Hell, we’ll admit, we’ve even brewed some of them ourselves (Pineapple Cream Dream Milkshake IPA ring a bell?)! But while many craft beer lovers think the wilder the better when it [...]

Bright Brewery Black Friday Sale Focuses on Local Support and Sustainability

Bright Brewery is excited to announce it will be running a Black Friday sale, offering a 10% discount on all beers, merch, and mixed packs. Additionally, the brewery will donate 10% of all online sales to Zero Waste Victoria, a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable practices. Bright Brewery also hopes to encourage customers to think [...]

What’s On At The Brewery

Sunday Session Dec 3: Adam Lindsay

Sunday Session Dec 10: The Bad Knees

Sunday Session Dec 17: The Stents

Sunday Session Dec 24: Darren Colston

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