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Cash in on your cans!

Did you know that Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) kicked off on November 1st? That means you can now get 10c per beer can back for every can you recycle (at designated collection points)!

But apart from helping you fill your money box, why does this matter? Well, the CDS aims to boost recycling rates, reduce our reliance on natural resources, and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Making a beer can from recycled aluminium requires 95% less energy than using virgin aluminium. The scheme applies to other containers too – like PET bottles and some glass bottles.

Other states around Australia that have implemented the CDS have seen recycling rates soar, diverting valuable materials from landfill and easing the burden on our planet’s precious resources.

Brewers like us, who put our beer in cans for you to enjoy, are funding the scheme. This ensures it remains viable, and covers the costs of collecting, sorting, and processing the cans.

As a result, you might have noticed a slight increase in the price of cans, PET bottles, and glass bottles. This is due to the costs associated with the CDS, which are ultimately borne by the manufacturers.

You can still recycle your cans through your regular yellow bins at home or commingled bins at work or in public spaces. However, the CDS offers an additional opportunity to earn a little extra cash or support a local sports club or charity so they can benefit.

There are collection points all over the state, including small towns like ours.

If you’re in Bright/surrounds, you can take your stash of cans to the following collection points:

  • Crispy’s Hardware, Bright
  • Settler’s Tavern, Tawonga South
  • Myrtleford Cycle Centre, Myrtleford

So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting those cans and bottles today and make a difference for Victoria’s environment!

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