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Stubborn imperial stout 2023 lands at a mighty 16%

Bright Brewery is proud to announce the release of its most highly sought-after annual release – Stubborn Imperial Stout 2023.

Stubborn Imperial Stout, which has been brewed continuously for the past 13 years, is one of Bright’s most iconic and beloved beers. It has become a firm favourite amongst dark beer lovers around Australia and, with a hefty 16% ABV, this year’s vintage is guaranteed to make its mark.

Named for its stubbornness during fermentation, Stubborn is, historically, a challenge for Bright’s brewers – a situation that has become known as the ‘Stubborn Curse’.

“Whenever we brew this beer, something unusual, unexpected and unpredictable happens,” Bright Brewery’s marketing manager, Laura Gray, said. “Over the years, our brewers have learnt to expect the unexpected with this brew.”

But this unpredictable set of circumstances is what sets every vintage of Stubborn Imperial Stout apart from the rest, and imparts its own distinct flavour and character.

“No two years are the same. Each year, we hold our breath, wondering what the brew will bring,” Gray said.

The 2023 vintage of Stubborn Imperial Stout is the first for Bright’s Head Brewer, Lewis Kerr, who joined the team in late 2022. And while his first Stubborn was not without its challenges, Kerr is proud to continue the Stubborn legacy, which started with Jon Seltin back in around 2010.

“This year, we used a yeast we had never worked with before, and the beer fermented at a higher temperature than usual,” Kerr said. “In previous years, there has been equipment failures, illness, brewing failures, Russian war, and missing ingredients – but every year, the beer turns out amazing, albeit different, from all the others.

“The ABV of this year’s Stubborn is well hidden for something that sits at 16. It is more reminiscent of something around the 12% range. It has a silky mouthfeel with moderate carbonation, strong hints of banana and fruit bowl that open up into cherry and caramel, and heavy notes of molasses.”

With a nose that is a combination of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon, with deep, rich port-wine notes, Stubborn 2023 will pair well with hearty comfort foods like succulent slow-cooked meats or can be enjoyed as a dessert beer alongside a rich, decadent dessert.

“We are thrilled to be able to share this unique and exciting beer with beer lovers,” said Gray. “We know that the Stubborn Curse only adds to the allure of this beer, and we can’t wait for beer enthusiasts to experience it for themselves.”

Stubborn Imperial Stout 2023 will be launched at a special Vertical Tasting in Bright on May 15. It will be available for purchase from May 15 at Bright Brewery’s online shop, direct from the Brewery, and from selected retail outlets across Australia.

Dark beer lovers attending Bright’s Darker Days midwinter festival will also be able to enjoy a vertical tasting of three past vintages of this infamous brew.

So, get ready to embrace the darkness of winter with a glass of Stubborn Imperial Stout in your hand!

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