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Bright and Carwyn Cellars collab on Australian beer first

What began, as most great ideas do, as a yarn over a beer on cold and wintry day has now come full circle.

A collaboration that has spanned three years, two continents, a global pandemic, 17,000km, four brewers, and countless hours has finally come to life in an exciting Australian first for the for the craft beer industry.

The first release from the Barrel Experiment Program – a collaboration between Victoria’s Bright Brewery and Carwyn Cellars – is Les Monstres Du Chateau #1: what we believe to be Australia’s first Chartreuse Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.

The Barrel Experiment Program, which started pre-COVID in 2020, is designed to showcase the true expression of barrel aging, with the same base beer aged in different barrels to truly highlight the different characteristics of each barrel.

“We acquired six different and distinct French barrels, sourced nearly 17,000km away from our home in Bright and filled them with our an Oatmeal Imperial Stout,” Bright’s Head Brewer Lewis Kerr said.

Release #1 was aged in Chartreuse barrels, with the distinct flavour of the infamous green liqueur infusing the flavour of aniseed and a light herbal finish.

“They called us insane when we chose this monster of a barrel, but we hope you all enjoy what we believe to be the first Chartreuese barrel-aged stout in Australian beer history,” Kerr said.

Release #2 is a Rum & Banana Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout showcasing sweeter notes of candied banana, burnt caramel and hints of coconut.

“That’s part of the black magic of barrel work,” Kerr said. “These releases are all the same base beer, all aged all in barrels of French origin, but with wildly different cask expressions.”

Both beers will be launched, on tap and in cans, at the official Barrel Experiment Program First Release Launch Party at Carwyn Cellars on Saturday, October 21, from 12pm.

Join the Bright and Carwyn teams for an afternoon including:

  • Guided Tasting from Bright Brewery
  • Bright Brewery Beer Showcase
  • Chartreuse Boiler Makers
  • Giveaways and prizes

Releases #1 and #2 will be available from Carwyn Cellars and Bright Brewery exclusively following the launch.

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