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GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll – Get your votes in before Jan 14!

Remember that crisp, refreshing Alpine Lager you crave on a scorching summer day? The one that perfectly pairs with sizzling sausages on the barbie and sends the kids into dizzying Hill’s Hoist spins?

Yeah, that one! Our beloved Alpine Lager, year after year, has been voted Victoria’s #1 favourite indie lager (and #2 in all of Australia!), proving that sometimes, classic simplicity reigns supreme.

The GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll is open now, and pale ales are threatening to flood the countdown again. Enough is enough! Let’s raise our icy Alpine Lagers and say: #notanotherpaleale!

Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

Vote #1 Alpine Lager! Show your love for this clean, crisp lager brewed with pure Alpine water and locally-grown hops. It’s a damn good beer, and it deserves the top spot!
Spread the word! Share this post with your fellow Aussie beer lovers and encourage them to vote for Alpine Lager.
Crack open an Alpine Lager! Celebrate the beauty of simplicity, the refreshing taste of summer, and the power of a classic Aussie brew.

Remember, voting ends on January 14th. Don’t let this be another year of pale ale dominance! Stand up for the lager you love, the one that’s been there for backyard barbecues, scorching days, and good times with mates.

 Let’s throwback a lager this summer!


Alpine Lager named Australia’s #2 Indie Lager

Bright Brewery’s flagship best-selling beer, Alpine Lager, has been named Victoria’s Best Independent Lager and Australia’s #2 Best Independent Lager in Australia’s biggest craft beer competition.

The annual GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll pits beers from around Australia against each other, asking the general public to vote on their favourite beers from the past year.

Alpine Lager took out the accolades over more than 2100 beers from more than 300 Australian breweries in this year’s competition.

Alpine Lager stormed into the GABS Hottest 100 at #32 in 2021, retaining its position inside the Top 50 this year for the second year running.

The beer, which has been part of Bright’s lineup since 2019, has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity in recent years and is now available in all states of Australia, as well as overseas.

Bright’s Marketing Manager Laura Gray said the brewery was thrilled to see their beers being recognised on a national stage.

“Alpine Lager represents the very best of Bright Brewery – from the name and design right down to the Alpine water and local hops we use to brew it,” she said.

“It’s our best-selling beer, both in the venue and in the wider craft beer market, and we love seeing how many people out there are enjoying it.”

Ms Gray said family-owned and independent craft breweries like Bright had to compete with much larger, foreign-owned multinational corporations like Asahi, CUB and Lion in the poll, which is why the “indie” accolades meant so much more to the team.

“It’s difficult to compete with corporations of that scale but being family-owned and independent is more important to us. So to see beers from smaller indie breweries like ours up there with – and often out-voting – the big boys is exciting,” she said.

To get your hands on a can of Australia’s #2 Best Indie Lager, please click here.


Top 5 Australian Indie Lagers

  1. Heads of Noosa Japanese Lager (QLD)
  2. Bright Brewery Alpine Lager (VIC)
  3. Hawke’s Lager (NSW)
  4. Burleigh Brewing No-Carb Lager (QLD)
  5. Young Henry’s Natural Lager (NSW)

Top 5 Victorian Beers

  1. Bridge Road Beechy Pale Ale (indie)
  2. Brick Lane Brewing One Love Pale Ale (indie)
  3. Mountain Goat GOAT (Asahi)
  4. Bright Brewery Alpine Lager (indie)
  5. Kaiju Krush (indie)

Giant 104 Can Lager Lover’s Competition
As part of our celebration of our Alpine Lager, we decided to design a giant lager lover’s case that would hold 100 cans! In the end it was 104 cans!  More beer is better, right? Especially for the lucky winner Daniel Reitter of Point Cook, Victoria.

Stay tuned for limited stocks of these cases coming online soon.

Vote for #notanotherpaleale in 2022

Ever calculated the percentage of pale ales in the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll? We have.

95% of the Top 20 beers in the 2021 poll are pale ales – or hazy pales, tropical pales, India pales, etc. You get the drift…

And as a brewery whose #1 best-selling beer is not a pale ale, we find this statistic pretty interesting.

Craft lagers are on the rise in the Australian beer market – that’s a fact. And breweries who have long turned their noses up at brewing lagers are now scrambling to try and brew them quickly. But, here in Bright, we’re ahead of the curve…

We’ve been brewing our best-selling Alpine Lager (and, before that, our Bright Lager) for years now, and it very quickly became our #1 best-selling beer – both in our brewpub and more widely across Australia.


It’s brewed with pure Alpine water and locally-grown High Country hops. It’s as crisp as the winter sun rising over the mountains around Bright. And it’s a damn good beer.

Last year, with the help of beer lovers around Australia, Alpine had one of the fastest climbs up the Hottest 100 ladder, climbing from #150-something to #32 – making it the best lager in Victoria made by an independent brewery.
Now that’s a statistic we can get behind!

That fact, coupled with the larger resurgence, has seen Alpine Lager find its way into the hands of thousands more beer lovers around Australia in 2022.
So with lager well and truly on the way up, we’re hoping to see it give all these pale ales a run for their money in the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll for 2022.
Competitions like this – which are won by popular vote – are really important to small businesses like ours. They can be an absolute game-changer. But changing the game when you’re a small, family-owned indie brewer can be a challenge.

Are you sick of seeing pale ales dominate the countdown? So are we! So let’s get together and do something about it.

There are so many amazing craft beers out there, and we know your Top 5 votes are precious. But a vote for Alpine Lager is more than just a vote for us – it’s a vote for small business, for adventure, and for the future (not to mention a vote to bump those pales ales out of all the top spots!).

Vote #1 Alpine Lager

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