It’s clear we humans angered the Norse God Ullr with the global pandemic in 2020, and he cursed us with the worst ski season in recent memory.
We can’t let that happen again, so please join us at Bright Brewery for the first annual Ullr Fest.
Ullr Fest is a celebration to praise Ullr, celebrate all things snow, and beg for a powdery white season ahead.
Legend says that you must sacrifice yourself and your dignity in order to appease Ullr, so we’ve got you covered:
* Ceremonial Bonfire
* Sacrificial Burning of the Skis
* The No Pants Dance (hey, we don’t make the rules!): This is a classic backcountry lodge move. Losing the pants shows the commitment to withstand low temperatures. It also shows that no embarrassment is more devastating than a lack of snow.
* Squat Comp / Wall Sit Comp: A sign of unwavering commitment to snow and Ullr.
* Beer Drinking: We’ll be launching a collaboration beer that’s very close to our hearts. Stay tuned for more!
So dig out your finest Viking horns, bring along something (or someone) to sacrifice and enjoy cold beer, hot food, live music, roasted chestnuts, and festivities!
(All attendees must register as a guest of Bright Brewery via QR code check in for contact tracing.)