Bright Brewery is proud to sponsor the 24th running of the Altitude 5000 Diner Plain Sled Dog Challenge!

Dinner Plain Sled Dog Challenge start line

This event attracts Australia’s finest mushers and dog teams to compete against international competitors to race across Dinner Plain’s most stunning snow gum lied terrain and ski trails. Racing through our high country will be competitors from New Zealand, Canada and the United States, all competing for the fastest time, requiring team work between drivers and their team of Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes (and sometimes other) dogs. In this difficult terrain, the racers are completely dependent on their dogs, especially using their voice commands and determination of their head dog.

Dinner Plain Sled Dog Challenge finish line

With races kicking off at 9am each day, this race welcomes families to spend a weekend in the high country enjoying this exciting sport and celebrating the 24th year of its running.
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