Stubborn Whisky

A Unique High Country Collaboration

About four years ago, we started on an ambitious project with our friends at Backwoods Distilling Co in Yackandandah – to turn our infamous Stubborn Imperial Stout into a whisky.

But not just any whisky – an exceptional whisky with a truly unique High Country flavour.

In 2019, two years of hard work (and barrel-aging) paid off when we released the first vintage of Stubborn Imperial Stout Whisky – a French Oak expression, distilled from our 2019 Stubborn Imperial Stout beer.

Every year since, we have carted kegs of our new Stubborn vintages over to Yackandandah and left them in the skilled hands of Backwoods founder Leigh Attwood to turn them into whisky.

Like the beer, each batch of whisky is guaranteed to be very different from the previous vintages.

And now, two years, later Batch-02 has been drawn from the cask and is ready to drink!

Brewed from our 2020 Stubborn Imperial Stout, this year’s release is an Amerian Oak expression with an enticing nose, a delectable taste of caramel, toffee apple, and chocolate fudge, and a finish that is both rich and full-bodied.

We have VERY limited stock of this whisky, so will be releasing it in a three-phase system.

CLOSED Phase 1: Exclusive pre-sale to Mash Club members (Mon June 26-Tue June 27)

UNDERWAY Phase 2: Exclusive pre-sale to those who pre-register in the ballot (Wed June 28-Thur June 29)

UPCOMING Phase 3: Public release (Fri June 30)

Mash Club members will have receive purchase information via email.

Customers who have entered will receive purchase information via their registered email addresses at 10am on Wed, June 28.

Customers who did not enter the ballot can come back from 10am on Fri June 30 to snap up any remaining bottles.

Stubborn Imperial Stout Whisky (2023 release)

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