Mystery Beer

How much do you really know about beer?

Think you know beer? Think again.

Remember when we brewed a beer, we didn’t know what it was or what was in it, and we asked you to buy it anyway? Good times!

Want the good news? We do it every year!

We’re now up to Mystery Beer Batch-04.

Keep an eye out for it later this year, or read on to discover some of the mystery behind Mystery Beer!

Mystery Beer Batch-01 2019

Our inaugural Bright Mystery Beer competition was an absolute smash hit and we were totally blown away by how excitedly the craft beer community got behind it.

Turns out Reid was even craftier than we thought. Ever heard of a ‘π’π­π’πœπ€πžπ›π’πžπ«’? Yep, neither had we.
Turns out that it means ‘Secret Bier’ in an old Dusseldorf-ian (is that even a word?) German dialect.

Check out the video below where Reid explains exactly what the hell he was thinking when he brewed the beer.

While not one person guessed ‘π’π­π’πœπ€πžπ›π’πžπ«’ correctly, a few people did get as close as guessing Altbier, which is an amazing effort!


Mystery Beer Batch-01 Promo

Mystery Beer Batch-01 Revealed

Mystery Beer Batch-02 Revealed

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