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COVID update from Bright

It will come as no surprise to most of you that the current spread of COVID-19 is bringing the hospitality and tourism industry to its knees.

Luckily, our resilience levels here in Bright are pretty high.

If you plan on visiting us soon, please cast your eyes over our updates below:

• Please HEAD HERE to book a table in advance. That’s the best way to ensure we can host you. If you are unable to book, it means we are at capacity for that session. Please choose another day/time or just walk-in.

• Please know – we are doing our absolute best to stay open and keep pouring those beers for you.

• Due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout Bright, and the rules around contact isolation, we are operating with very few staff across our Bar and Kitchen every day.

• Throughout the week, we will limit our menu if required, and limit food service from 3-5pm, until our team is back to full capacity. Please understand that we are all doing our best, and what we can offer will be reflective of the staff we have available.

• We will be forced to close sections of the Brewery on days when we are very short-staffed in the venue. You may see empty tables – please know, we can not service them.

• Many (most) local venues have been forced to close their doors, cut their hours, or move to takeaway only, so we are doing our best to stay open and welcome as many visitors as we can.

• Sadly, our staff have been on the receiving end of a lot of complaints and negativity about how strictly we are enforcing COVID-safe measures, and working to keep our Brewery a COVID-safe environment.

It’s almost comical that we have to say this – but please understand that these rules are not up for debate. It’s not personal. We take this course of action for the safety of our customers, staff, and their families. These decisions have been made by the Government, by Management, and not by the 18-year-old pouring your beer. Please give them a break!

Please be patient and kind to one another as we navigate yet another unprecedented time. We truly are excited to welcome you to Bright and to Bright Brewery – we just wish it was under better circumstances!

Stay safe, everyone, and thank you for continuing to support us!

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