imperial stout

“It was complicated, but it is delicious!”

It was a special moment last week when we launched INFINITE Stubborn Whisky Barrel Aged 2019 Stubborn Imperial Stout. A cyclical collaboration three years in the making with our friends at Backwoods Distilling Co; it represents a beer that is as complex as the process it was to make it.

So, how did we make it?

In 2019 we distilled Stubborn Imperial Stout into whisky that aged in French Oak barrels for 2 years. Once the whisky was decanted we re-filled those barrels with 2019 Stubborn Imperial Stout we had saved and aged the beer for 1 year in the whiskey casks.

Confused? Don’t be! Check out the video below with our Head Brewer Reid Stratton where he explains the process in more detail.

Given the limited nature of this rare and special beer, demand was sky high and INFINTE sold out online within one hour when it was released!  However, you can purchase INFINITE at one of these specialist bottle shops or at the Bright Brewery venue.


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