Proudly supported by Bright Brewery.

Bored, stuck, needing some adventure or just want to get off the hamster wheel for a weekend dedicated just to you? 

Invest in yourself this weekend. You’re worth it. Your family will love you for it, and your colleagues and employer will reap the benefits of your new found zest for your career and life.

Over 3 days in the stunning surrounds of Bright, NE Victoria, women are offered access to personal and professional development experts exploring their potential, and outdoor adventures that boost their confidence and fearless. Take your pick from inspirational speakers, professional development workshops, and adventure activities (e.g. caving, archery, abseiling, kayaking) designed to pull you out of the grind and pave the way to a more deliberate and fulfilling life.

Be inspired by women who forge their own path in work and life. Listen to their stories, share in their passion as they push personal and professional limits to shape a new future.