A brewery tour at Bright Brewery

Brewer For a Day June

The ultimate beer lovers’ experience! Join our brewers for a hands-on day where you’ll brew a batch of Bright Brewery’s award-winning beer.


You will brew a full commercial scale batch of beer from scratch.  The day starts with milling grain and ends with tasting our range of beers. The day is entirely hands on; you’ll smell, touch and taste all the raw ingredients and learn about brewing history, processes and the science behind the art.


The Details

When you’re the Brewer For A Day, you’ll live the brewing life. The day will start early, kicking off by meeting your little brew team in the morning (maximum 4 people), and then hopping into your new Bright Brewery t-shirt.  Brew all morning, enjoy a casual lunch in our bar, brew all afternoon. When your fresh batch of beer has been transferred to the fermenter and everything has been cleaned, you’ll then celebrate your brewing achievements with a tasting tray of all the beers on tap.


Hands On

When you brew with our brewer, he’s counting on you to do the hard work. That may involve doing things like:

  • milling the grain;
  • mashing in, lots of stirring;
  • pumping water, hot liquor and wort;
  • lots of heating, cooling, measuring, timing, stirring and wielding the spurtle;
  • removing spent grain;
  • cleaning out the fermenters and brewhouse;
  • talking about beer a lot,
  • probably some more cleaning (it’s the most important part of brewing), and just having a great time!


Keep in mind that the brewhouse and the beer are the brewer’s pride and joy. You’ll be making over 1000 litres of beer for our wonderful customers to enjoy, so please brew with care.