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Be a Brewer For A Day

Please note, Brewer For A Day not currently operating due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Bright Brewery’s Brewer For A Day is the ultimate beer lovers’ experience!

Beer Lovers, Beer Nuts, Beer Curious – anyone who loves anything to do with beer – join our brewer for a hands-on day where you’ll brew a batch of Bright Brewery’s award-winning MountainCrafted beer.

During our Brewer For A Day experience you will brew a full commercial scale batch of beer from scratch. The day starts with milling grain and ends with transferring a full 1200 litres of cool wort to a fermenter, and inoculating it with the yeast, which will then turn into beer over the next few days.

The day is entirely hands on; you’ll smell, touch and taste all the raw ingredients and learn about brewing history, processes and the science behind the art. We limit the experience to very small group sizes so that we can tailor the day to suit your interests and experience.

From those wishing to learn the basics of craft beer (and what precisely makes it ‘craft’), to hardcore beer geek and homebrewer extraordinaires, all of our Brewer For A Day alumni have had a great time and have left the following stellar feedback:

“The brewer’s enthusiasm was probably the highlight, his passion for his craft was great to share in. Lunch was definitely another highlight – amazing spread!” – Reece
“The amount I learnt about where I have gone wrong in the past with homebrews and lots of advice on how to brew better. To see a complete brew process and realise it is achievable at home was a highlight”  – Chris
“Seeing how a commercial brewery operates. I was able to ask a lot of technical questions and the brewer was happy to answer them all. I thought it was great that there were no secrets, the recipe was explained as was the hopping schedule. I didn’t expect a brewery to be this open about its product.” – Dan

Brewers receive a unique Bright Brewery brewer t-shirt to wear while brewing. We also provide morning tea and lunch and you will finish the day with a tasting of all the beers we have on tap, which you will have more than earned. When their brewed batch of MountainCrafted beer is ready to package, a complementary 6-pack is sent out for the brewers to taste and enjoy their own creation.

Additional perks for all the home brewers is the opportunity to purchase and take home wort to ferment with in their back-yard set ups.

Start time is at 8:30 AM with a finishing time between 4 PM –  5 PM depending on the brewing gods and how long you want to linger at the bar.

Cost is $360 per person incl GST paid in advance.  For an additional $40 you can also purchase wort, allowing you to brew the same batch in your home brewery!

Upcoming dates:

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More dates to be confirmed in future. Please book at least a week in advance to secure your place.

For additional information or to make a booking, please contact Bright Brewery’s office on:

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