Position Vacant: General Manager

Bright Brewery is currently recruiting for a General Manager to lead the Bright Brewery business and team.

This rare position is based in beautiful Bright, Victoria.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for an experienced manager and leader, with a background in business or manufacturing, to effectively and efficiently manage our business, which comprises a 550-seat bar and restaurant, production facility, and wholesale business. Our General Manager will oversee the operation of Bright Brewery, working with department managers across the business to achieve our strategic vision and goals. Our General Manager will prioritise staff wellbeing and living our values (to be Active, Sustainable, and Authentic), leading from the top to ensure all staff and business decisions reflect these values.

Who we are?

Bright Brewery is a family-owned business – a fiercely independent brewery, bar, restaurant and bike hub, located in the heart of Bright, Victoria, which has been established for over 15 years.

During this time, we have built a reputation for high quality beer and great customer service, culminating in being inducted into the Victorian Tourism Hall of Fame in 2019, after being named Victoria’s Best Brewery three years in a row. We also collected a Champion’s Trophy at the 2019 Indie Beer Awards.

We have a very strong, values-based approach to managing our business and value Authenticity, Active Lifestyles, and a Sustainable approach to all that we do. In 2018, we completed a multi-million-dollar investment in a large production facility, to increase brewing capacity and enable us to continue our expansion into a wider wholesale craft beer market.

Our Values

Our General Manager will ensure the Bright Brewery values are always in action while performing the role:

We are AUTHENTIC and genuine in all that we do. We do what we say we’re going to do. We present our business and services truthfully. We use natural ingredients to create genuine products. Our relationships are honest and respectful.

Our business is SUSTAINABLE. We’re passionate about the alpine environment that surrounds us and seek to minimise our impact on it. We’re managing our business for the long-term, providing a viable future for our community, staff and customers.

We are ACTIVE! We embrace the outdoors and encourage active lives. We are active in the community. We continue to review and develop our products and services so they evolve and grow with the market. We are actively managing the business for future success.

Position Description

The General Manager will be accountable for overseeing the day to day operations of Bright Brewery. This encompasses all teams including, Bar, Kitchen, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Logistics and Administration.

Reporting to the Owner, the General Manager’s primary responsibility is ensuring organisational effectiveness and efficiency by providing leadership to the organisation’s functions.


The General Manager’s key role specifics are:

  • Embrace the Bright Brewery values (Authentic, Sustainable, and Active) and ensure that these values underline all decisions and are embodied by the business;
  • Achievement of business performance metrics, including meeting financial, customer service and production goals;
  • Drive organisational culture to ensure an ongoing focus on delivering customer outcomes, achieving organisational efficiency and maintaining employee enthusiasm and engagement;
  • Identify and implement operational improvements in order to continually deliver efficiencies across all aspects of the business;
  • Work with production staff to achieve delivery of product in full and on time to both external and internal customers;
  • Management of staff, ensuring training, skills, behaviours and performance obligations are clearly communicated and implemented;
  • Ensure sufficient resourcing is available and scheduled to meet core business needs;
  • Ensure communication frameworks are robust and core information is shared effectively across the business; and
  • Liaise with the Owner to regularly report business performance, opportunities and challenges.


Strategic Planning

Play a significant role in long-term planning, including the development of frameworks to embed operational excellence and drive sustainable growth; and
In concert with the Owner, establish the strategic direction and innovation initiatives and position the business to successfully implement the plans.

Business Performance Management

In conjunction with the Owner, establish budgets, key projects and tasks and business performance metrics;
Manage administrative support services (especially Finance) ensuring organisational financial obligations are met and that business performance data regularly informs operational decisions;
Monitor and review performance data to track progress, ensure sufficient resources are allocated to works and implement mid-course corrections as required; and
Report business performance regularly to the Owner and escalate appropriate matters as agreed.

Risk Management
  • Ensure processes and procedures are documented to minimise reliance on key staff;
  • Ensure legislative requirements associated with OHS, data privacy, financial and staff obligations are understood and enforced;
  • Ensure customer agreements are in place and implemented as outlined; and
  • Ensure appropriate data backups and disaster recovery mechanisms are implemented and remain current.
Staff Management and Leadership
  • Implement and drive staff management processes and practices including regular reviews, training schedules, promotional paths and performance management;
  • Maintain business as a leader in the industry through establishing personal networks and benchmarking against best practice;
  • Support and promote staff development to ensure skills remain current with changing industry and customer needs;
  • Promote team-building to ensure ongoing organisational cohesiveness;
  • Support team efforts by contributing to operational tasks as required; and
  • Provide ongoing management and leadership to Bright Brewery to enable delivery of excellent customer service and achievement of organisational goals;
  • Maintain regular, formal communication forums with full team and part teams as required;
  • Define meeting agendas and ensure appropriate preparation of information to enable meetings to be as effective and efficient as possible; and
  • Regularly liaise with the Owner to ensure the sales process is fully supported and customer’s needs are met and exceeded by the business.
Business Systems, processes and practices
  • Improve operational systems, processes and policies in order to support the delivery of consistent production processes and customer service.;
  • Support the Production Manager in developing and implementing appropriate scheduling and logistics tools; and
  • Working with all staff to improve systems and processes to enhance customer experience; reflective of the Bright Brewery values.


  • Capability to analyse situations, evaluate alternatives and implement solutions;
  • Ability to interpret guidelines and analyse factual information to adapt or modify processes;
  • Ability to look at situations from several points of view; and
  • Ability to act as a resource to others to solve problems.
  • Highly developed interpersonal and oral communication skills in individual, small group and larger presentation environments;
  • Ability to develop effective partnerships and to gain the cooperation of others through communication and negotiation;
  • Ability to challenge and debate issues of importance to the organisation; and
  • Persuasive with details and facts.
  • Ability to think strategically and communicate and promote a vision to others;
  • Ability to coordinate and direct staff to ensure outcomes are achieved;
  • Ability to manage team workloads, time and priorities, within resource constraints;
  • Commitment to excellent an customer experience;
  • Capability to delegate responsibility effectively and demand accountability from staff;
  • Ability to implement practices consistent with WHS obligations and ensure compliance with HR policies.
  • Understanding of the hospitality industry and responding rapidly to changing customer expectations;
  • Ability to maximise the customer experience through meeting core customer needs whilst ensuring efficient and effective resource management;
  • Manufacturing and production experience and a proven ability to deliver high quality products to meet customer demands;
  • Demonstrated experience in driving process improvement and delivering efficiencies across both customer facing and operational areas;
  • Knowledge of the HR regulations and an ability to apply them in real world situations.


  • Several years’ experience at a senior level in a customer focussed or manufacturing setting;
  • Demonstrated leadership capability, including facilitating a strong value driven organisational culture as well as managing high performing teams;
  • Commitment to implementing efficient and effective management practices whilst meeting customer needs and expectations;
  • Extensive experience in establishing budgets and managing operations to achieve required financial, production and performance goals.


This is a full-time, permanent position, based in beautiful Bright, Victoria, that will involve after hours and weekend work on occasion.

A competitive remuneration package is negotiable for the right applicant, including:
• Salary
• Attractive bonus and incentive plan
• Excellent work-life balance
• Subsidised gym or yoga studio membership
• Temporary accommodation may be available if required


Please send your application, including a Cover Letter addressing the Skills and Qualifications listed above, and your CV, to Scott Brandon:

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