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UPDATE: COVID exposure on October 16 & 20, 2021

Sadly, we have been notified by the DHHS that two COVID-positive people dined at Bright Brewery on separate occasions recently, leading us to be classified as a Tier 1 COVID exposure site for the following times:
Sat, Oct 16: 6-8pm 
Wed Oct 20: 11.50am-1.30pm
All customers who were checked in at the Brewery during these time will be contacted by DHHS (or you can call 1800 675 398). All of our staff who were working are now in isolation and following government directives.
Due to the length of time between the exposure and the Brewery being notified, and our already-rigorous cleaning and COVID-safe protocols, the brewery remains open for business.
We’ve been so blessed to have been so well isolated up here in our High Country bubble for the past two years, however, with COVID cases popping up all over the state, it really was only a matter of time.
We’re saddened that this has happened, but we’ll take it in our stride, confident that everything we’ve learnt and have been practising for the past two years is working to keep our staff and our customers safe.
And because of that, we’re thrilled to remain open for business, as per the government directive.
Please see the FAQs below for further info.

When was the exposure?

  1. Sat, Oct 16: 6-8pm
  2. Wed, Oct 20: 11.50am-1.30pm

When were we notified?

  1. Mon, Oct 25 @ 7pm (9 days after)
  2. Tue, Oct 26 @ 7pm (6 days after)

Are we closing?

No. Due to the length of time between the exposure & notification, and our cleaning regimes, we are not required to close.

Are our staff isolating?

All staff considered close contacts by the DHHS were sent home to isolate & test in accordance with DHHS directives. They will return to work when cleared to do so.

Are our staff vaccinated? 


Why didn’t anyone contact me?

DHHS are responsible for contacting customers/close contacts – however, they are running very far behind in this process (up to a week). We contacted everyone who had a booking during those times.

I’ve seen my mum in hospital/my baby grand-daughter/the pope in the past week. Do they need to isolate?

No. Only customers here at the Brewery at the time of the exposure are considered close contacts by the DHHS. No one you’ve had contact with since is involved – unless they were also here. This may change if you test positive.

I haven’t heard from the DHHS- What do I do now?

We are not health professionals & cannot tell you what to do. So it’s best to call the COVID hotline on 1800 675 398 or your GP for current health advice & next steps.

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