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Position Vacant: Venue Manager

Bright Brewery is an award winning and proudly independent brewery, bar and restaurant, producing MountainCrafted beers and great food in the spectacular alpine town of Bright, Victoria.

Our key values of ACTIVE | SUSTAINABLE | AUTHENTIC are the cornerstones of everything we do at Bright Brewery. From brewing beers that reflect the bold and wild environment in which they are crafted, to embracing the outdoor lifestyle that our region offers, Bright Brewery helps form the heart of our vibrant community.

We’re a vibrant and growing business that values the authenticity of our products, services and people, with a sustainable future for all.

Bright Brewery serves lunch and dinner 7 days a week, which helps showcase our beers to our fantastic customers.


The Venue Manager is accountable for delivery of great customer service to Brewery Door guests. This incorporates continually improving the Brewery Door service offering through recruiting the right people, ensuring they are trained, continuously improving our physical and intangible service offering, compliance with agreed process and maintaining high levels of motivation across the team.


This role reports to the Operations Manager

Manages the Bar Manager, Assistant Bar Manager, Supervisors and Brewery Door staff

Works closely with the Head Chef, Administration Manager, Marketing Manager and Head Brewer.


The key tasks that the Venue Manager performs are:

Ensure a safe environment at all times.
  • Ensure the safety of customers.
  • Ensure all staff are working within a safe environment and understand their workplace roles and responsibilities.
  • Accountable for compliance to all policies, regulations and procedures (especially HR & OH&S), including incident reporting and responsible service of alcohol.
  • Reporting any fixes or improvements in a timely manner.
  • Undertake regular Brewery Door safety audits and follow-up.
Customer Service
  • Ensure all customers feel welcome and are given responsive, friendly and courteous service.
  • Achieve agreed standards in terms of service, quality, appearance and cleanliness of the Brewery Door environment and equipment.
  • Work with Leadership Team to develop a 3-year service strategy to differentiate the Brewery Door service offering from alternative venues.
  • Creating a positive and productive working environment.
  • Collect customer feedback and address any issues.
  • Work with the Head Chef to create exciting beer-matched menus.
  • Implement changes and improvements to the IMPOS system (front and back office).
  • Deliver creative events and functions, both on-site and off-site.
Manage the Brewery Door Team
  • Provide leadership to the Brewery Door team.
  • Ensure 121s are carried out for all staff members.
  • Manage the recruitment, induction and training of new members of the Brewery Door team.
  • Manage rosters for Brewery Door staff and timely approval of timesheets.
  • Ensure Brewery Door staff and trainees receive the right training and leadership.
  • Manage the performance of each member of the Brewery Door staff to maximize potential.
  • Work with the Head Brewer on technical training for bar and waiting staff.
  • Security of cash and stock
  • Management of retail events, tours and live music gigs
  • Support staff in their duties by:
  • Allocating and prioritising their tasks.
  • Supervising their breaks.
  • Encouraging them to work efficiently and with a strong service ethic.
  • Providing on the job training when required.
Develop and improve operational systems of the Brewery Door
  • Create, implement and improve policies, systems and procedures.
  • Ensure all communications between Brewery Door and kitchen run smoothly.
Manage the Brewery Door budget and accounts functions
  • Be accountable for achieving sales and cost targets for the Brewery Door as set in the budget.
  • Manage all Brewery Door stock purchasing and stock management.
  • Work with Operations Manager to develop a budget for the department.
  • Perform regular stock takes as specified in our procedures.
  • Work with the Administration Manager to maintain budget control, staff ratios and planning requirements for cash change and till floats.
Ensure the Bright Brewery values are always in action while performing the role

Bright Brewery Values | authentic, sustainable and active

We are AUTHENTIC and genuine in all that we do.

• We do what we say we’re going to do.
• We present our business and services truthfully.
• We use natural ingredients to create genuine products.
• Our relationships are honest and respectful.

Our business is SUSTAINABLE.
• We’re passionate about the alpine environment that surrounds us and seek to minimise our impact on it.
• We’re managing our business for the long-term, providing a viable future for our community, staff and customers.

We are ACTIVE!
• We embrace the outdoors and encourage active lives.
• We are active in the community.
• We continue to review and develop our products and services so they evolve and grow with the market.
• We are actively managing the business for future success.

This position involves:

  • Flexibility with your working week.
  • Punctuality with a well-presented appearance.
  • Being the final escalation point for customer questions and complaints.
  • Becoming familiar with Bright Brewery, its services and events and being able to advise guests accordingly.
  • Responsibility and reporting all accidents and hazards in your work area and complete all paperwork as required.
  • Attending management / staff meetings and all training sessions as required.
  • When required, working as a front-line member of the team in the Brewery Door.
  • Other duties as directed.
  • We target all employees to work no more than 38.5hours per week on avergae across a year

Skills Required

  • A proven leader with experience in hospitality/tourism at a management level
  • Demonstrated skills in high standards of customer service
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Workforce management and planning experience
  • Ability to spot and resolve problems efficiently
  • Proven ability to work within financial budgets
  • Experience in menu planning
  • Ability to develop and document operating systems and procedures and comply with all company policies and procedures
  • Ability to act ethically and fairly at all times
  • Mature attitude, honest, loyal and exceptional work ethic
  • Computer savvy (POS systems, E-mail, MS Word, MS Excel)


Without further approval, the Venue Manager may:

  • Incur costs budgeted in the retail budget
  • Roster staff in accordance with the dollar amounts allowed in the retail budget.
  • Provide staff with feedback on their work performance

With the approval of the Operations Manager, the Venue Manager may:

  • Make any changes to the Brewery Door set up that you believe will improve its profitability (e.g. seating layout, menu, opening hours, equipment, etc.)
  • Initiate events
  • Initiate sales promotions
  • Implement growth strategies
  • Terminate a staff member (must have Operations Manager approval), unless situation requires immediate action

The Venue Manager may not:

  • Incur costs additional to the retail budget without prior permission of the Operations Manager

Position Details

  • Full time
  • Hours include weekend work, evenings and public holidays
  • Salary based on performance and training completed as per employment contract
  • Discretionary performance related bonus

To apply

Applications can be made confidentially by sending a covering letter and resume to

Rupert Shaw
Operations Manager
Bright Brewery
Phone: 03 5755 1346

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