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Position Vacant: Supervisor Chef

Purpose of Role

The person holding the role of Chef will lead by example, display competency in all areas of food preparation and cooking, maintain a high level of Food Hygiene Standards & HACCP controls and adhere to a thorough cleaning routine.  They will take direct responsibility for the preparation and presentation of food consistent with food safety standards and Bright Brewery guidelines.


This role reports to the Head Chef & Sous Chef.


The key tasks that the Chef performs are:

Develop and bring to life Bright Brewery’s food service 

  • Work with the Head Chef to implement Bright Brewery’s food service guidelines
  • Assist with the planning of exciting menus and specials in liaison with Head Chef.
  • Assist in coordinating preparation for any off-site catering functions with Head Chef.
  • Liaise with Head Chef on all matters relating to the business 
  • Clear communication with Head Chef and other managers and staff
  • Ensure all communications between bar and kitchen run smoothly and with respect

Develop and implement Bright Brewery’s food safety program 

  • Preparation and service of food to Food Hygiene Standards 
  • Ensure proper stock rotation in all food storage areas 
  • Maintain all work areas in accordance with Food Hygiene Standards 
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for kitchens and storage areas 
  • Manage delivery and storage of goods (heavy lifting involved) 

Manage food service team

  • Ensure kitchen staff receive the right training and optimum guidance
  • Assist in management of each staff member to maximize each person’s potential
  • Kitchen supervisor – Assist junior staff in the role to learn 
    • Managing stock intake
    • Receiving goods
    • Managing staff hours during breaks

Manage food service costs

  • Ensure that all dishes are prepared to the correct recipe and quantity 
  • Control and record all wastage and breakages 
  • All staff are responsible for fostering positive culture towards workplace, business and fellow employees.
Uphold the Bright Brewery values
  • Bright Brewery Values | authentic, sustainable and active
We are AUTHENTIC and genuine in all that we do.
We do what we say we’re going to do.We present our business and services truthfully.We use natural ingredients to create genuine products.Our relationships are honest and respectful.
Our business is SUSTAINABLE.
We’re passionate about the alpine environment that surrounds us and seek to minimise our impact on it.We’re managing our business for the long-term, providing a viable future for our community, staff and customers.
We are ACTIVE!
We embrace the outdoors and encourage active lives.We are active in the community.We continue to review and develop our products and services so they evolve and grow with the market.We are actively managing the business for future success.
This position involves:
  • Flexibility with your position (i.e. help in other departments when required) 
  • Flexibility with your roster 
  • Providing a high level of customer service
  • Punctuality with a well-groomed appearance at all times 
  • Dealing with customer questions and complaints where appropriate and in line with company policy 
  • Becoming familiar with Bright Brewery, its services & events and being able to advise guests accordingly 
  • Reporting all accidents and hazards in your work area and complete all paperwork as required.

    Other duties as directed
Skills Required (includes but is not limited to)
  • Passion and imagination for food
  • Interest in local produce and beer matching
  • Qualified Chef 
  • Food Safety Supervisor certificate 
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills 
  • Ability to work well within a team
  • Must have prior experience in a high-volume environment
  • Ability to manage Food Service costs
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations relating to the hospitality industry 
  • Proven leadership skills and lead by example 
  • Be able to identify problems and attend to them without supervision 
  • Mature attitude, honesty, loyalty and exceptional work ethic 
  • Proven ability to supervise and lead staff with respect and fairness 
  • Comply with all company policies and procedures.
General Duties

Hours:  The Chef will be expected to work weekends and public holidays (as per conditions set out in individual contract), and evenings as required. 

Uniform:   You will be required to maintain a clean, neat & professional appearance at all times. It is your responsibility to supply your own uniform and knives.

To Apply

Please send a written application, including Cover Letter addressing the required skills and your adherence to the Bright Brewery values, and a CV to the Head Chef: kitchen@brightbrewery.com.au

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