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What is Mash Club?

Mash Club is Bright Brewery’s subscription Beer Club, which provides members regular deliveries of brewer-selected cases of beer (Mash Boxes) at discounted rates, exclusive discounts, early access to new beer releases, insider info, and more! 

What are Mash Boxes?

Mixed boxes of beer in a variety of styles and sizes.

Our current Mash Boxes are:

Beer Connoisseur: 24 beers per box, including a rotating selection of 18 seasonal beers and 6 core-range beers.

Beer Lover: 16 beers per box, including a rotating selection of 8 seasonal beers and 8 core-range beers.

Beer Tippler: 8 beers per box, include a rotating selection of only seasonal beers.

Beer Buff: 16 beers per box, including a rotating selection of 8 seasonal beers and 8 core-range beers – but with no sour beers EVER.

Alpine Adventure: 24 beers per box, including all our core-range favourites, Alpine Lager, Hellfire Amber, Blowhard Pale & M.I.A. IPA (6 of each).

Your Choice of Core Range Case: Love one specific beer? Get a full case (24 beers) of any core range beer at a discounted rate.

How often can I get beer delivered?

As often as you want! We have options ranging from 2-12 Mash Boxes a year (every 1/2/3/4/6 months). But the more you buy, the more you save!

How much money will I save?

Mash Boxes are discounted from the RRP of the beer based on the size of the box and the delivery frequency. Discounts range from 10% off Core Range beer to 36% on some of our seasonal beers.

How will my beers be delivered?

If you don’t live locally to Bright, your beers will be shipped from Bright via our delivery partners, Aramex or Australia Post (depending on your location).

If you live near Bright, you can opt for Free Pick Up from our Brewery Door.

How much is shipping?

We offer flat-rate shipping on Mash Boxes.

Vic: $9.95

NSW/ACT: $14.95

QLD/SA/Tas: $19.95

WA/NT: At cost (sorry!)

Can I choose exactly what beers go in my box?

Unfortunately, you can’t select the exact beers for your box, however, we have Mash Boxes available in a wide range of sizes, quantities, and beer styles for you to choose from – so you’re sure to find something you love!

What if I want to change my Mash Box?

No worries! Either jump online, log in to your account here, and hit Manage Subscription to change it there. Or email us at and we can do it for you!

Can I cancel whenever I want?

You sure can! There are no cancellation fees or lock-in contracts. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time, however, before you cancel, we’d love you o get in touch with us first to see if we can help resolve your issue. Please email

Can I give a Mash Club subscription to a friend?

Definitely! A Mash Club subscription is the perfect way to show someone you care (and that you buy the best presents!)

To gift a subscription to a friend or loved one, follow the steps below:

1. Choose your Mash Box here

2. Choose the delivery frequency (how often will they want a Mash Box?)

3. Add to your Cart

4. Fill in your Billing details

5. In the Delivery field, add the recipient’s details

6. Hit ‘Sign Up Now’

7. Sit back and  relax, knowing you’ve given the gift of beer to someone who will love it

Will you tell me in advance what’s in my Mash Box?

Nope! The contents of each Mash Box will remain a secret until it lands on your doorstep. Surprise! Each box will include detailed tasting notes to help you work your way through the beers.

I can just buy your beers at the shop; why should I join Mash Club?

This is true, however, there are many good reasons that Mash Club is the way to go!

1. Your local stockist may not get in all our beers

2. Mash Club beers are discounted up to 36% from retail prices

3. There are heaps of other Mash Club benefits, including 10% off beer online and at Bright Brewery, and early access to new release beers.

4. COVID! Need we say more? Mash Club is delivered to your door!

You released a new beer and I didn’t get it. Why not?

Our Mash Boxes change every month. Our new beers are generally included in Mash Boxes the month they are canned or, depending on dates, the following month. While we try and include new beers for at least two months in a row to ensure as many members as possible can ty them, this isn’t always possible. If you are only receiving a Mash Box every 3/4/6 months, it’s possible you may miss the occasional beer.

How can I guarantee I’ll get every new beer?

The best (and only) way to guarantee you NEVER  miss a new beer is to select a monthly subscription of either our Beer Connoisseur, Beer Lover, or Beer Tippler Mash Boxes. While we endeavour to include new beers in multiple months, stocks do not always allow this.

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